BCRI Oral History Project

Oral history is the oldest form of gathering and preserving memories of the past.  The carrier of the historical tradition in the ancient African empire of Mali was the griot.  Today, oral history is accomplished by finding individuals who are willing to share their stories in formal interview settings that are recorded for posterity.  Since 1994, BCRI has conducted and preserved hundreds of interviews.


Transcripts, Video & Audio recordings
Oral History Project interviews are available to the public in a variety of formats, including print transcripts, video recordings, and audio tape recordings.  Go to the
Online Resource Gallery to view video clips, or visit the BCRI Archives in person to access this vast collection of stories that document social change in Birmingham and the U.S. South during the 20th century.

Project Support                                                                      

We thank The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, Alabama Power Company and BellSouth for funding that enabled purchase of broadcast-quality video equipment now used in filming all Oral History Project interviews.  We also thank the Coco-Cola Foundation for a grant (2010) that will help take the Oral History Project global!

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A Fire You Can't Put Out: Fred L. Shuttlesworth and the Foot Soldiers 

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